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Established in 2003, we are an Edinburgh-based investment boutique, dedicated to UK equity investments. Our funds are used by family offices, discretionary and advisory wealth managers, and institutional investors to get focused exposure to investment opportunities across the whole of the UK equity market.

As an independent business, we focus all our energies on getting the right outcome for our clients.

Our Promise

Many companies claim to have customer interests at the heart of what they do. Few have it etched into their very fabric like Revera Asset Management

Investment Style

Revera is a fundamental investor, that uses bottom-up analytical skills to identify businesses where the long term value of future cash flows is not fully recognised

Corporate Strategy

Our strategy is to build a sustainably profitable business over the long term where customers, employees & shareholders are equally happy with the returns they receive from it

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April marked our first in-person “Wise Men” meeting since the start of the pandemic. For the uninitiated,

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