Bull Phase

Next week will see the release of the March factsheets for our funds.  Contained within them will be a subtle, but potentially significant, change of emphasis in the message we send out. Since the back end of last year, we have increasingly raised effective investment and reduced client liquidity in the funds we run – […]


It is a long held contention of Bob Semple, one of our resident Wise Men who provide us with economic and market insight over the course of the year, that the economic recovery from the depths of the downturn in 2009/10 is unique in UK post war history because of the relatively consistent rate of […]

Orange is the new red

Last Friday provided possibly one of the more incongruous sights we’re ever likely to see.  A slightly “day-glo”, septuagenarian billionaire (apparently) giving a Citizen Smith-style fist salute to the watching world as he assumed the mantle of leader of the world’s largest democracy and Commander-in-Chief of the world’s largest army.  The juxtaposition is exaggerated by […]

Everything Must Go

Our last newsletter of the year is being written in the aftermath of the annual attendance at my daughter’s carol service at the end of last week.  The theme of the sermon was again the Miracle of Christmas.  And yet again, I resisted the urge to collar the Minister after the service and tell him […]

We’ve been Tango-ed

Whatever else we might say about 2016, we have never been short of things to write about this year. And so that fact remains as we approach the last month of the year. The whys and wherefores of Donald Trump’s Presidential victory need no further discussion here. The consequences very much do. Perhaps the defining […]

Helicopter Money

The Conservative Party conference last week was noticeable on a number of levels. Not least because of an overt push from our new Prime Minister to grab the political centre ground. Had we not already seen some astonishing political changes across the globe already this year, we might have been even more shocked by a […]

The nights are drawing in

To the casual observer, current weather patterns are mirroring the mood of the nation post Brexit. Or, maybe one is driving the other. Mid summer weather was pretty variable over the piece, but the last few weeks have been blessed by the makings of an Indian Summer. Similarly, the immediate post Brexit sentiment in July […]

Relatively happy

Last Thursday marked the summer edition of our periodic strategy meetings, where we invite our two resident “Wise Men” in for coffee, sticky buns and some insight into what is currently making the world tick. It was the first meeting since the Brexit shock, and the time that has elapsed since the 23rd June has […]

The fog is clearing. Slowly

In some ways, the next two weeks will provide us with our first glimpse of clarity over the post Brexit landscape as the interim results reporting season gets into full swing. This week alone, almost one third of the FTSE100 Index’s constituents will report on trading. Whilst the sales and profit numbers themselves will be […]

An Englishman’s Home

The EU referendum result last week was certainly not what we wanted; and a cursory look at our portfolio will tell you that it is not what we expected. The potential exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union will damage the UK’s economic performance in the short and medium term. This is not […]