Where Next?

A recent edition of The Economist noted a marked increase in European democracies using referendums to solve particularly tricky political quandaries. The editorial suggested that this was a symptom of the political establishment’s failure to cope with the rise of populist parties by offering a meaningful vision of future success for the masses rather than […]

Reality bites

Following the turmoil of the early part of the year, the prevailing mood across the UK equity market specifically – and in risk markets in general – has recently been positively serene.  After 2016 kicking off with two months, where changes from peak to trough levels of the FTSE100 in both months reached circa 10%, […]

And a Happy New Year Indeed!

It is a hackneyed phrase that everything seems to move faster now than it did in the past (unless of course it is me on the Saturday morning Parkrun), but there is genuinely an argument for rolling it out now to describe the first few weeks of this year.  The slowing down of Chinese economic […]

The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present & Future

It is customary for us at this time of year to sit down and review the events of the past year, and roll out some informed guesswork on what we expect for the year ahead. 2015 proved, like the year before, to be something of an enigma.  When we review what we wrote this time […]

More Questions than Answers

Earlier this week, we had the last of 2015’s “Wise Men” meetings – a slightly grandiose term for what others would normally call an investment strategy meeting.  That we don’t use that term is down to two key reasons.  The “Wise Men” element refers to the fact that we retain the knowledge and experience of […]

Into the Unknown

It is perhaps ironic that ending the process of “hand holding” performed by the world’s central bankers – particularly via forward guidance of the factors that will determine when and by how much interest rates will rise in the future – has generated the kind of uncertainty and volatility in markets that it was largely […]

Dynamic by name….

What is in a name?  Well, for financial products, quite a lot, actually.  Under the FCA’s conduct of business rules, investment product names cannot be misleading about the nature of the investment.  So the Revera UK Dynamic Fund was deliberately named and – we hope – clearly presented as such when we have discussed the […]

Times, they are a changin’

Today marks my first day back after a decent summer break in the Algarve. Which at the time offered a telling perspective against which one watched the continued nonsense of the Greek debt debacle that raged whilst I was away. Whilst life in Portugal is still tough, there appears to be a calm acceptance of […]

The Barbarians Can’t Wait!

So, another “absolute, last-gasp” deadline of the current Greek crisis has passed, yet markets seem relatively unperturbed. Which is because, as we know, the real last gasps won’t come until the very end of the month. Probably literally to the last seconds. We might even get a fright as it slips into July, but as […]

A Clearer Picture?

So, the dust has settled after the election, and perhaps unsurprisingly the UK equity market has taken the unexpected Conservative victory as a sign to push valuations on a bit further.  This has been particularly noticeable at the mid and smaller end of the market, where the impact of domestic economic policy is at its […]