Adrian Cunningham


Adrian is an advisor to Revera. He has extensive experience as a macro strategist, both on the buy-side and sell-side, having begun his career as an economist with the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Having been a founder in two separate hedge fund businesses, he is currently helping Revera develop its institutional offering and provides input and expertise to the overall macroeconomic analysis used in the investment process.

More from the team…

Glen Nimmo

Chief Executive

Glen is a founder Director of Revera. He has responsibility for the company’s overall operations.

Stephen Grant

Investment Director

Stephen is a Director of Revera, and joined the company in 2006.

David Hutchison

Director, Sales & Marketing

David is responsible for maintaining relationships with existing and potential investors in our client funds.

Katrina Fyffe

Compliance Manager

Katrina manages the finance and compliance function in Revera, acting as compliance officer and money laundering reporting officer.

Michelle Pearson

Middle Office Manager

Michelle takes care of middle office responsibilities and joined Revera in 2013.

Bob Semple


Bob is an adviser to Revera, and has acted as one of its “Wise Men” since the launch of the business in 2004.